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Monday, September 14, 2009


Come on Ye, foreals? Where do I start?

Let's start by giving credibility to Kanye's opinion and actually examine, compare and contrast videos from both Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Let's just say that we actually give a shit about what Mr. "I don't read books but I wrote one" has to think.

Beyonce's "Beautiful Nightmare":

Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me":

Which one was the most entertaining and deserving of the "Best Female Video" award?

Personally, I feel like all of Beyonce's videos are so one dimensional. It is making Beyonce look so incapable of producing anything more than another booty shaking, 3 girl performance while she lipsinks and makes love to the camera for 3 minutes. The last 3 of her videos have all been the very same... Think about "Diva" and "Single Ladies"... more of the same. Frankly, the novelty that was Beyonce is slowly starting to wither into the over played and overrated categories. Her performances, also one dimensional and very much so resemble that of her music videos. I watched her perform last night while thinking, "Haven't we already seen this video?"

On the other hand, we have the young Taylor Swift, who prides herself on being a country music artist that just happened to make it pop. I happen to catch this video in the mornings on AMTV before I head off to work. It caught my eye because it told a story, had an identifiable plot and theme, and displayed characters with layers and flaws. It wasn't long before I realized that I watched this video in its entirety and actually enjoyed it. I mean, I'm no fan of country pop music but I do appreciate good quality performances, lyrics, etc. Rap isn't too far off from country music because they both tell stories. But, it takes a good director and a great visually stimulating artist to come up with such a creative video.

Now, Kanye, I ask of you... WTF is your problem??? Did you forget to change Tampons before you left the house? Are you that compassionate about an effin Moon Man award, which Beyonce already has a closet full? Was it too hard for you to sit in the audience and let this 17 year old new artists receive her proper accolades?

Let's talk about your transition in the game and how the Ye today is far from the Mr. West that the masses have grown fond of. First, we applaud you for your rap albums. From College Dropout to Late Registration it is clear that you are a lyrical genius and your delivery kills it every time. I remember when I first heard "Through The Wire." I felt like hip hop was regaining its realness when you displayed a real man with real emotion talking about a real situation. Fast forward to 808s and Heart-farts... I feel like I'm not listening to the same artist that got my ears buzzing off first listen.


You have every right to your opinion but there is a time and a place for everything. We are both bloggers. You could have very well expressed your views on your own personal blog after the show. You ruined a moment for a 17 year old. You're in your late 20s or early 30s dude. Do you feel better now that you've spoken your mind and interrupted a live broadcast?

Now, I must say that when Brittany Spears received an award last night, MTV VMA's lost credibility with me. I mean, what has she done that is so buzz worthy in the last year besides not putting any music out there? Who makes these calls anyway. Who decides who gets a Moon Man?

Well Ye, I'm sure by now you have received that phone call informing you of your permanent ban from any future MTV award shows. Its clear that you had no regard for them anyway. Now, you can go back to Auto-tuning your life away and subjecting all of us music lovers and avid listeners to your depressing love life. I hope that you still have a career beyond this point but quite frankly, Amber Rose is becoming more popular than you.

This SPECIAL EDITION FISH FRY has been brought to you by Amber Rose's left butt cheek... which is more popular than Kanye right now.



jiburgess said...

Although I slightly disagree with some of the things you said, this was a very good post.

jiburgess said...

Oh and Taylor Swift is going on 20 and Kanye is 32.

1BeautifulMind said...

Speak on it big homie. I can only call it like I see it. It makes for great discussion.


I think it was inappropriate. Kanye has come a long way, and maybe what we saw was his growth, but the way he was acting, he didn't act his age. I think he let the liquor speak for him. No matter if Beyonce did deserve the award, there is no need to jump on stage and steal anyone's shine. He of all people should have known how hard it is to receive any type of salutations as an artist. So to do that to a young new artist is just not right. We are all intitled to our own opinions, and we probably would have agreed with him in some instances, however, the way he attempted to have his voice heard was just not classy.


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