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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Music Review: Jay-Z "The Blueprint 3"

First and foremost, I am more of a fan of music than I am a fan of Jay-Z. So, I consider myself capable of giving an unbiased opinion in my reviews. It would be unfair to you, the reader, if I were to review any piece of work with a favorable ear.

The much anticipated and highly bootlegged Blueprint 3 dropped in stores on September 8th, 3 days prior to its original release date. Some call it a "high demand" but I call it "high download" but in the end, "Men lie, women lie, number's don't." Weeks before this album was officially released, Twitter-ville was going crazy giving mixed reviews for Hov's work. And so, creating even more buzz for the retail album.

But, what gets me is this... How can you illegally download an album and then crap on it because it isn't what you expected or desired? Did you ever stop to think that the reason why you didn't enjoy it is because you had to be the first to have it? And so, you felt compelled to tweet and facebook status your hastily formed opinion to show your followers and friends that you are cool because you have something they don't yet possess but also desire and are trying not to download it and actually support music because they, like myself, are true fans of music.........run on sentence... I digress.

While I'll admit that BP3 was far from Reasonable Doubt, I am also very satisfied that it, in fact, is far from Reasonable Doubt. Hov has made a true evolution throughout his music and I can dig that if you aren't involved in a certain lifestyle anymore then you can no longer articulate it as if you were. Thats called maturation. This is called bringing art to life. And for this, I appreciate BP3 for what it is and not what it could be.

At the end of the day, I would much rather listen to this album than anything else that's on the shelf right now, aside from Raekwon's new joint. These are two albums that I would actually spend my money on because I know what I'm getting when I make the purchase. I am investing in the concept that there are still rappers who are true to themselves. You don't have to see their ID, you know who they are and the music that they can produce. So, if a Jay-Z or a Raekwon put out a piece of work that most people think is sub par, its still good because they will only compare your current music til your older classics.

Personally, I think that BP3 is a solid album. Part of me is saying this because I don't want to listen to anything else right now. Everything else "new" has been listened to more than enough and also heard before. Call me a Jay-fanatic but he's about to kill T-Pain's career if T-Peezy hasn't already done so, himself.



jiburgess said...

I appreciate this post because as a true fan of hip hop, I refuse to download an album. I go out and buy every CD that I want to listen to. I am, However, a big time Jay-Z fan and I won't even listen to a song on the album until I go buy it. Love the post man, keep writing.


I am both a HUGE Jay fan and Hip Hop fan and I certainly can appreciate any album that Jay comes out with!!! I too refuse to bootleg an album because if its good enough to play in my cd player, it's good enough to buy, like JayZ!! Hip Hop right now is so lost in the sauce with cartoon acts like Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy that one would be crazy to be 21 and up and not appreciate Shawn Carter!!!! It is refreshing to hear HIP HOP!!! BTW, T-Pain is career is certainly a wrap, we already know LOL!!! Also, I enjoy both of you guys' blogs...keep it up, GREAT READS!!!


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