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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Inspiration for Hire... JOB FILLED... BP3 is out!

I'm a big little man like kevin hart said
but when you look at me
I hope you see just where my heart is
like Baby GAP passing short jeans on to my kids
I gotta find out WTF Shaq's parents did
got a woman that love me even at 5'6
if I was 6'8 her face would always be in my d**k
speaking of which, some shit should just be private
but twitter keeping people from picking up and dialing
LOL Smiling
twit Pic profiling
its a lot of tweets going on but the room so silent
except for my IPhone shuffling my Itunes
TV on MUTE watching Fox channel 5 News
Five fools attacked one dude in a bad mood and
its all good til somebody start shooting
ear to the ground so I can hear the music
I look up to the sky to see my room for improvement
and each action is mutually exclusive
she hates me, I love her
we're mutually abusive
which is conducive to this here production
different from that usual that you have been accustomed
I skipped the introduction and got straight to the payroll
a nickel don't get sold in the park unless I say so


jiburgess said...

Yo, real talk...That was actually kinda hot. I have to hear it over a beat



1BeautifulMind said...

@ jiburgess... Good look. Soon enough, it will be on record. I'm searching for the right beat.

@pink december... Thank you lady!


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