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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dear Anti-Obama Health Care Protestors,

I think its imperative that I share a few things with you before you make any more dumb ass signs and stand on the National Mall yelling extremities that you can't even back up with physical evidence. First, incase you didn't read, which I'm sure you didn't, here is Obama's proposal for health care in America:

Health Care Reform Proposal

Now that your ignorant ass is educated, let's talk about the facts...

Fact #1 My President is Black...

Yeah, he is a black man. I know, it was a surprise to us too. Don't worry, you'll get over it and I hope you get well soon. I will tell you this though, that man put the swag back in the White House. I emphasize his blackness because I feel like in order to work for the people, you have to be of the people and none of the Presidents in my history books looked like anyone I ever grew up with. Besides, look around! The population of America is making our nations map even more colorful. I'm not mad at our Latino neighbors getting their burritos from the same Taco Bell I get mines from. I don't mind my white brethren making jokes around the water cooler at work. I especially don't mind that our Asian American friends are math wizzes either! I can appreciate all of us in this boiling pot and you should too.

Fact #2 My President wants everyone to have health care...

Its pretty clear that President Obama's proposal for health care is designed to include all people and extend a hand to those that have preexisting conditions. By creating a public option, insurance companies are forced to lower their premiums and adjust to the newly created affordable health care market. This could also reflect your current health insurance by lowering your premiums. Now, the rich have to pay more taxes, but they would be paying lower premiums on their insurance. Somehow, I think that is a fair exchange but what do I know? I mean, its not like I read the proposal 4 times over right? I only read it 3 times.

Fact #3 Your signs suck! I mean, my niece could make a better hate sign than that, you wussy!

Come on, now! Obama was endorsed by the KKK??? Foreals? If anything, I would think that was a selling point because the day that the KKK endorses a black president, hell should get a new HVAC system. Where do you get this stuff from, anyway? I mean, Fox News isn't that ignorant but yet, I bet you you still watch it. Do you hear or read anything the President says? When I look at you protesters with your home made signs, I just want to hug and slap you at the same time. I feel like you pick out soundbites of Obama's speeches and concentrate wholly on that one statement, phrase, or just simply one word. It makes me think that Americans are dumb and that we need TV to live our lives for us because we aren't capable of critical analysis beyond "Obama is Endorsed by the KKK."

Fact #4 This is a proposal and not THE plan...

When reading the health care reform bill, it is obvious that this is the foundation of a bigger and more detailed blueprint. This is the ideal scope of the plan or as I prefer to refer, "proposal." A "plan" lays out the details as to how whereas a proposal establishes the "what." What is it that President O wants? Affordable health care for all, not some, that protects people with prior conditions from discrimination. This may come at the expense of higher taxes for those folks that already have adequate health care and are considered "rich" by social standards and tax bracket. Hence, the people with the dumb ass signs.

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