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Monday, May 11, 2009

Special Edition FISH FRY: KFC Makin' It Rain-check on them Hoes.

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Now that I've gotten that out of he way... let's fry... or better yet grill... this fish... or in this case, chicken.

Dear KFC,

I think its extremely shameful that you would renig on the deal of a lifetime. Don't you know that when Oprah throws a dog a bone, that dog not only becomes famous but infamous. Now, I understand that a promotion of this magnitude has caused you all a great deal of frustration because of those bad apples that have taken it upon themselves to ignore the fine print that explicitly states on the coupon, "Do No Photocopy!" However, if you're executives would have thought about this before they hit the streets, then each coupon would have a different numerical variation that would allow your computer systems to recognize and distinguish copies from originals.

Don't tell me that it isn't possible or that it is too complicated to institute. Its 2009 people, let's get with the times.

On the flip side, my intention was to spread the love to those people that couldn't normally purchase their own 2 pc. grilled chicken meal. I'm obviously talking about the homeless and hungry. We walk past them everyday. A lot of us get tired of seeing them beg and having to turn them down on account that they might spend our hard earned dollars for recreation and not necessity.

I am a firm believer in teaching a man how to fish as opposed to giving him fish. In this instance, I am more inclined to give a homeless person a voucher for a 2 pc. chicken meal as opposed to giving him the money and walking away. Although, my intentions may not have agreed with your reasoning for providing this promotion, I do believe that it was a worthy cause, nonetheless.

I am not as upset as I am disappointed that I was unable to follow through with my plan to distribute DONATED coupons to the homeless. Notice my emphasis of the word DONATED, meaning they were not duplicated but provided by individuals who followed the instructions and abided by the regulations that were explicitly stated on the website www.unthinkkfc.com.

Now, this rain-check deal... Where do I start?

Well, let's go with the intrusion of privacy. Now, I'm sure that you're management has some kind of confidentially disclaimer somewhere... I haven't seen it yet, but anyone familiar with the code of ethics that come with this type of mass collection of information should know that it is imperative... However, you probably haven't walked into any of the KFCs in the hood. I will spare this particular franchise the embarrassment, but I can just imagine a large box of these "rain-check" forms just sitting on the counter for any and everybody to just come and whisk away my name and address.

Second, I dare to even ponder the actual date and time that you intend to honor the "rain-check." And, if the request is just as overwhelming, you give a rain-check for the "rain-check."

Let's be real, here. We're talking about chicken. Oprah endorsed your chicken, the same chicken that many families have already embraced. But, you now have people thinking that if Oprah puts the Official O Stamp on your product, then it must be good...

Do you know how many people watch and believe in the magic that is Oprah???

Now, I think you owe it to at least her to come with a better scheme to honor her fame and credibility.

The difference between you is that tomorrow, she will still be Oprah... but today, I went to Popeyes. YA DIG!

This post has been brought to you in part by...

POPEYES 2 pc. special. Mon-Tues-Wed, go to Popeyes and get a 2pc special for $3.49.

And guess what, they actually honor that promotion and make good money doing so.



hahahhaaaa now that's a fry! good one babe. It's really sad that the lady at kfc, told me that she doesn't know when she'll mail the rain checks. WHo ever heard of a rain check on fast food. The thing is, if you can't offer it, don't attempt to supply it. That's like the doctor's telling u to get a flu shot, but then run out of vaccine! It's just ridiculous, false hopes. And to top it off, mailing a rain check doesn't help the homeless, those who could have benefitted most from the free coupons. The homeless, don't have homes....they won't be able to get a rain check mailed to them....kfc should definately think better next time they try to offer something like this. It could just be the dc area, but all of the participating kfc's in this area were not honoring the coupon's the 2nd day they came out, which sucks! good try, but horrible method of implementation

jiburgess said...

LMAO Man you are on point with this post. I was a lil disturbed when I went to KFC and saw that they weren't accepting them. I had planned to spend my money because I was saving my voucher to give to you, but when I found out they were giving rain checks I was like. "Maybe they are tryna capitalize because not many people will leave and not try the chicken after they've gotten there." I think it was a pretty good scheme for now, but they didn't have much foresight.


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