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Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday Flow: Just my thoughts... just what I was feeling at the time.

What can a rapper say than hasn't been said before?
like a girl that says, "I never gave head before"
can I at least get one that hasn't sold kilos?
or one that actually owns that Range or that Rolls?
jewels authentic, not that cheap ass gold?
lyrical content that comes straight from the soul?
Can I get one that won't fold and go commercial?
so I can sing every song when I go to they shows?
rap with an intricate flow but not so deep that I'm lost,
and after every 5 bars, he doesn't have to say, "BAWSE!"?
I'm sorry I can't connect like the call was LAWST!
Yeah, you're single was hot but the album got TOSSED!
Can I get a rapper that admits to having a real job,
real human emotions and real human flaws?
doesn't call every girl a bitch or a broad?
and doesn't confuse LOVE with other 4 letter words?
How bout a rapper that never hugged the block like the curb?
straight from the back of the cul de sac in the burbs?
sick with the metaphors, flipping nouns and verbs
like the rap scenes never seen nor ever heard?
is it too much to prefer that real shit fix?
I want that whole milk son, not that 2% shit
its like the audience has become lactose intolerant
record execs squeezed the milk and made consumers swallow it
filtered it, bottled it, and called it an accomplishment
labeled it a movement and all the donkeys followed it
stanky leggin, swag surfin, even Ricky Bobby'd it
I'm too old for this shit, sorry I just gotta vent


jiburgess said...

Damn Lamont that shit was hot. I feel you on your thoughts though.

adifferentbreed said...

~Continuous snaps~
Maybe if rappers took your suggestions I could actually listen to more rap music without feeling condemned.
But ummm on another note 2% milk is better for ya ;) lol


this is hot! I love it babe. good job! listening to the radio makes you want to say I heard it all before!


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