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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Donate your Free KFC Coupon to the Homeless


I am campaigning to help those that are in more desperate need than myself and I'm asking you to do the same by donating at least one of the four printable coupons from www.unthinkkfc.com to the homeless.

If you don't feel comfortable giving these coupons directly to the homeless, you can send them to me at this address:

2626 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20037

Next week is National Salvation Army Week. My plan is to take a group of volunteers out into the homeless community and pass these coupons out or connect with one of the participating KFC chains and gain their cooperation in helping me feed the homeless in Washington, DC.

With your help, this could be a great success. If you choose to do the same in your community, please upload your videos/photos to show the world that there are folks that still care about those that are less fortunate.

Thanks and God Bless,



jiburgess said...

Aye I didn't get to print any off, but I want to get involved with this. I think this was a great idea and you should be commended for coming up with it.

1BeautifulMind said...

Man, I'm just doing my part. Most of the people that printed out this coupon were fortunate enough to buy their own meal. I'm just looking out for those folks that have to go hungry while they watch all these fortunate folks waiting for 45 minutes in the KFC drive thru.

Hit me on the hip and let me know what your schedule is like for next week and we can make something happen. Hell, this Saturday, if you are available.


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