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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Didn't get a chance to yesterday so let's get it in...

All is fair in war
but not so much love
only takes one of us
to cross the line and fuck it up
but whose the enemy?
is it I? is it she?
can somebody tell me why
I find myself fighting WE?
hand grenade on the ground
pulled the pin out with my teeth
I didn't mean to blow shit up
but its the nature of the beast
ashamed, I retreat
into the quarters where I sleep
eyes closed, still awake
I even tried counting sheep
camouflage under sheets
the facade of relief
I despise the disguise
but I'd just rather let it be
its quiet in these woods
you don't even hear a peep
who will be the first of us
to seek complete peace?
too fatigued from the siege
"Need to cease and desist"
but the call wasn't clear
as if I said it with a lisp
I wish that she could read my mind
or at least read my lips
I'm waving the white flag
as I come bearing gifts
step aboard my yacht
as we flee the sinking ship
and venture into new life
as we ride off in the abyss

1 comment:

Queen Poetess B said...

Dayum, L! Good stuff, man... wave the white flag in surrender damn it!


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