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Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie Review: Obsessed... This movie raked in $28M this past weekend... so can I have my $10 back?

I'm highly critical of movies. I feel that a contemporary film should be able to revel you and create some kind of emotional response from its audiences, whether it be emotional in the sense of sensitivity, anger, contentment, etc. Even if it is a comedy, I need to walk out of that theatre saying that I laughed my ass off and its money well spent cuz I could have just went to Skinny Kenny on Kennedy St. for the bootleg but I chose to pay my $10 and go see it because it was THAT good.

As I like to say about anything that frustrates/disappoints me, "Obsessed" made my balls itch.

I really don't know what I was expecting. I mean, I went into the theatre thinking that this movie is something that we have already seen in numerous films such as "Fatal Attraction." Unfortunate for movie goers, there were no bunny rabbits cooked in this film, just some crazy white girl getting flung from an unfinished, newly renovated attic. The suspense, or lack thereof, was horrible. I felt like the suspenseful scenes left me wanting more suspenseful scenes. The script sounded like something out of a cheesy romance novel that you could have picked up in the grocery store at check out. The acting was extremely gruesome to watch because none of the characters had any chemistry, whatsoever.

Beyonce, let's not even get on Bee... ok, maybe I will... She really made my balls itch more than any of the other performers in this flick. I mean, she is just not an actress and I doubt that she will ever be able to truly act while she tussles with this singing career. Even as she acts, it seems as though she is thinking about her image and that image's obligation to her core fans, which is comprised of little girls in the 12-16 age group. She just doesn't look comfortable on screen. Its as if she is trying to act and failing miserably in her attempt.

Its entertaining because the crazy white girl is believable up until the last scenes of the movie. She actually outshines Beyonce. She made the movie for me. I mean, from day one, she was on it. She had an agenda and she stuck to it. She was consistently the crazy white girl throughout the whole movie. But, she could have been a little more unnerving. She could have evoked a little more frustration from the audience. Instead, everyone was just sitting there with this, "Look at the crazy bitch" stare at the screen.

Idris Alba was even horrible in this film and I don't think it was any fault of his own. I just think that given the situation and the energy that the other actors provided, he wasn't allowed to really show his ass in this one. But, he managed. The movie really wasn't about him anyway. Although, my girlfriend was saying that it was his fault that all the crazy stuff was happening cuz his character "seemed too nice." I'm thinking, "there goes the woman blaming the man for everything again!" Thats another blog in itself.

Overall, the movie is garbage. Way too much hype just for Beyonce to be herself in yet another movie. I was hoping to see the music video Beyonce. The one that comes alive when the director yells, "ACTION!" Instead, we got the dead carcass Beyonce who looked like a puppet with a hand up her ass, which belonged to Beyonce's publicists.


Go see the bootleg or catch this shit on Lifetime. Save your $.


adifferentbreed said...

Wow...this is the first negative review that I've read. Interesting

1BeautifulMind said...

I don't know... maybe I'm too critical. But, its a recession. I want my money back.

jiburgess said...

I don't really think I was interested in seeing this movie. I would like to see that post on women blaming men for everything though lol

Kabir said...

I second to what you wrote. This movie sucked beyond doubt man....give us the money back....


To correct your post about me blaming the man for everything. I DO NOT believe that it was his fault! my statement came from a scene where he kept entertaining the white chick, instead of ignoring the crazy b*tch, when he knew she was crazy in the first place. This is what leads crazy ass girls on. Just ignore them, don't entertain that shit. other than that, she was just plain crazy and there was no way to get rid of her. So that's the correct notion, not that I was just blaming the man for it. Men at times do entertain bullshit from other chicks b/c they in my opinion don't know how to say no, especially if the female is attrative. I feel like if that white girl was ugly, he wouldn't have befriended her, had drinks with her, accepted gifts from her, etc. That's the truth of the matter.


oh yea and beyonce was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MUST ADD THAT IN THERE..
THE WHITE GIRL STOLE HER SHINE BIG TIME. But I do think Idris did a good job, I could be biased though for obvious reasons..ummm LOL


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