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Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday FISH FRY: DC Mayor Adrian Fenty... Dude, just answer the f**king questions!!!

(Sorry this video sucks... takes way too long to load)

For the last week, the local news media has been following the "story" on Mayor Fenty vs. the DC Council in the fight for baseball tickets for the WORST team in the league at this moment, the Washington Nationals. Apparently, the mayor's office is supposed to receive 60+ tickets whereas the DC Council is only supposed to land about 19 tickets.

I know, ridiculous right...

Well, the shit hit the fan when the DC Council realized that the Mayor's office is withholding their measly little handful of tickets, for whatever reason. No one seems to know why Mayor Fenty is holding the tickets hostage. The mayor, himself, won't release any information other than the fact that his office has definitely received the tickets.

Quite frankly, who gives a shit?!?!?

As you can see from his most recent Thursday interview with Fox 5 in the mornings, even the news reporters/interviewers are getting irritated with his lack of responses.

"You come on here, week after week, and all you have to say is, 'I don't know.' Its starting to look bad!" says the interviewer.

I can understand playing certain issues close to the chest. But, Mayor Fenty, you have repeatedly made the vital decisions that affect us all without so much as consulting with the community. You have undermined the authority of the DC Council and have made them seem useless. There are three branches of government, each playing their specific roles, that are designed to work coherently as one unit for the betterment of the District of Columbia. You continuously override the legislative branch of government to chase after your own interest and somehow, you believe that it won't eventually show up in the daylight.

Mayor Fenty, I was riding with you in the beginning of your term. Your innovative ideas about the direction that you wished to take DC caught my attention and I endorsed. I felt that you would bring the fresh young energy that the District so desperately needs. Unfortunately, you have been nothing more than a big disappointment. Closing schools left and right, taking elaborate trips out of the country without so much as telling your own staff, and who knows what you do on your spare time with District tax payer money!

You say you want to talk education? Let's talk about the 30 some odd schools that you closed, causing a major inconvenience to DC's hard working parents that found comfort in knowing that their child could attend their neighborhood school right down the street from home. Now, that parent has to either pay more in Metro money for the kid's transport or rearrange their daily morning schedule to drop the child off, which in most cases is probably out of the way.

The problem wasn't the number of schools, the problem was the number of teachers and their salary, or lack thereof. You look at the test scores but do you look at the lives of the students and what might be affecting those scores? Can you honestly say that you are really in touch with the students of the District of Columbia? How long has it been since you were once a student here? Have you spoken with your mom who taught my mom at LaSalle Elementary? Big change from then to now. You are dealing with a whole new breed.

Mayor, I want to thank you for dealing with the issues of our great city. I want to thank you for that big baseball stadium that you built smack dab in the middle of SW. I want to thank you for inviting gentrification to take place in our neighborhoods and moving those that have been here in DC for generations, out into PG county. Its amazing how things are starting to resemble some other place that I've been to before... let's think.... oh yeah, I know!!! NYC... You have been hanging out with the likes of Mayor Bloomberg, haven't you? Is he in your pocket or is it just a friendship?

I'm sure you will prob never read or even attempt to answer these questions. I mean, afterall, there are bigger FISH to FRY right? Well, I'll tell you like this... IF YOU CAN'T EVEN FRY THE SMALL FISH, WHICH INCLUDE 19 MEASLY LITTLE NAT'S TICKETS, THEN THE PUBLIC YOU SERVE WILL LOSE, IF THEY HAVEN'T ALREADY LOST, ALL CONFIDENCE IN YOUR ABILITY TO FRY THE BIG FISH.


This Friday Fish Fry has been brought to you by The Washington Nationals... Their record so far is 1-7 and apparently their batting average is much better than Mayor Fenty's...


jiburgess said...

Wow! I was just talking about how Fenty was messing up the other day. I didn't know anything about this ticket situation though. I knew about that trip he had on "our" dime but he's just being ridiculous now. I do like the stadium though. And really, you can thank Anthony Williams for that monstrosity of a structure in SE lol.

ADifferentBreed said...

Lol wow Amen to this!
I'm not in the city enough to know everything that Fenty has been doing since becoming mayor...but thanks to the good ol' Washington Post I'm able to learn about things such as these school closings and now this ticket business. I've SO been waiting for someone to sound off about the school system...so thanks!
When Fenty came onto the scene as the mayor he seemed to have it all together....is he just another Anthony Williams?

1BeautifulMind said...

Man, Fenty is certainly turning into another Ant Williams. I feel like he could be doing a whole lot more with the resources that he does have. I like that he took control of the Public School system by assigning a chancellor but I'm not pleased with the way they have chosen to dissect the problems within. Closing schools should be the LAST resort and I'm afraid that they haven't found the first resort. Then, this whol issue between the mayor and city council is just a microcosm of a larger gap between two offices.

Anonymous said...

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