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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bow Wow blames economy for his poor record sales but fails to recognize poor MC skills as the primary reason

Dude, you have been washed up for some time now. If you feel that in some way, you have mastered the craft of rapping and creating innovative and captivating music, then you have sadly mistaken. Bow Wow, we liked you better when you had "Lil" in front of your name. Now, we just think you're too old and way too WANKSTA to be cursing on wax. Do your thing in Hollywood. At least you know you're getting paid up front.

And what the hell was that "Roc the Mic" bullshit you put out with JD? It was like a love ballot that you two dedicated to each other. You could have kept that shit to yourselves. 16 Homo + 16 Homo = "We walk just alike, talk just alike..."

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hahahaha this n*igga is dumb wack now!!!! give up, and retire lil boy please!


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